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In the spirit of almost making it through the week, “Thirsty Thursday” posts invite you into the juicy (sometimes embarrassing) parts of my life that I have made peace with and am completely happy to share. If I bring a smile to your face or make you laugh, then this blog has done its job. These posts are not about talking shit about my (non) ex-boyfriends and aren’t being shared to make anyone feel bad. They are about being transparent and bringing you along in my life. I tend to deflect a lot of things with humor and am a very open book - with a lot of (good, bad and hilarious) chapters.

So to those reading this, thank you for following along on my experiences, my passions and fuck ups… I am human after all.

So without further ado, let’s get into this week's topic of Catching The Ick.

We’ve all been there … when you like someone and then it happens - you get struck with The Ick. What is The Ick you might be asking? Long story short, it comes when you like a person and then suddenly out of nowhere, you don’t.

I know it sounds harsh but don’t lie, we have all been there.

It all begins when you develop feelings for a certain someone. They seem perfect - you enjoy their company, their looks and their overall vibe. You talk frequently and you might even date a little while. All is going good, actually things are going better than good. You are completely smitten, but then it happens. You catch a strong case of The Ick. That one day, at that one time, it hits you. You can’t even stand looking at the person the same way as you once did. You are over it.

The person could have sipped their coffee wrong, ate dinner in a gross way, said a weird comment, kissed you differently - something was off. Something gave you The Ick.

I laugh as I type this because although it might come across bitchy (which for those who know me, is never my intention), it is to bring levity to a situation so many of us often find ourselves in.

I know I share my disastrous (but funny) dating stories - The Ick has to top it off. It is that one non-negotiable that you didn’t even know was one of your non-negotiables, leaving you feeling completely turned off. Even so much to the point that you criiiinnnggeee at the thought of the two of you together. Once you catch it, you know it is just simply not going to work out and eventually have to cut ties and move on.

Why does this have to happen? I truly, for the sake of this blog, wish I had the answer but I don’t.

If some of you are still reading this and have no clue what I am talking about I will give you a few short examples that yours truly has experienced:

  1. When a guy takes you to happy hour, but insists you cover the gratuity.

  2. When a guy doesn't have a top sheet on his bed.

  3. When a guy has gerbils as pets (full dating story coming soon)

  4. When a guy acknowledges the fact he showed up to dinner empty handed by giving you back the (empty) tupperware container you gave him leftovers in last time.

  5. When a guy has a girlfriend or wife but still slides into the dms.

  6. When a guy says Little Caesars is his favorite restaurant (because that makes a girl “Hot-N-Ready”)

  7. When a guy gets mad at you for not texting him first. I'm sorry, are your fingers broken?

  8. When a guy is an asshole and is proud to be an asshole.

  9. When a guy tries to two-time the sisters. Buddy, we are sisters - not “sisters.”

  10. When a guy says he will cook you dinner, but already ordered takeout and ate it all before you even arrived.

  11. When a guy bought you flowers, but then you realize they were actually just for him. It’s fine, a poinsettia doesn’t even count.

  12. When a guy is the same age as your dad and still tries to take you out.

  13. When a guy makes you drive him home after the date flopped.

  14. When a guy doesn’t let you know he just got acquitted.

  15. When you tell a guy you're seeing someone and he replies, “so?”

Believe it or not, these are ALL true. Yup, you’re welcome ladies - I’ve really been taking one for the team here. And for the men reading this, please… just try and do better than the guys mentioned prior. The bar is really THAT low.

After reminiscing on these experiences I feel like I need a stiff drink (or morning mimosa), don’t you? If you want to hear more - visit my girl, Kelsey Henderson’s, new podcast The Jack Shit Show and listen to this week's episode where we talk about all things business, manifesting and oh yeah, you guessed it, Catching The Ick.

As a thank you for being supportive of both of our new business ventures, Kelsey and I want to offer a limited discount code to The Cocktail Caddy. Use code JACK10 to receive 10% off your order AND we are giving away one free cocktail kit to the person who shares their (best?) worst ick story. Stories to be submitted to @thejackshitshow or @cocktailcaddy. Winner to be announced on January 29.

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