Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Have you ever wondered what your true purpose is or what you are supposed to be and make of your life? You hear of people who know their passion and absolutely run with it - the ones that are making valuable changes in the world, living a life of financial abundance and living in seemingly perfect happiness. This can be a case of the classic Instagram versus reality perception but if you are a human being with a heartbeat - we, at one time or another, get caught comparing our lives to our friends, colleagues and people we follow on social media. As we see others' successes we often wonder why our purpose is not clear or our path not perfectly paved. It can be frustrating and discouraging so instead, we set the cruise control and move throughout our lives one foot in front of the other; taking it one day at a time.

The utterly obnoxious iPhone beeping alarm goes off at 7 a.m. every morning, we grab our phone, aimlessly check emails and scroll through social media. We slowly begin to open our eyes and mentally pep talk ourselves into getting out of bed to face just another day. We get ready, pour a strong cup of coffee (or tea), eat breakfast, drive to work, do our best to try and dodge any and all of those office “Karen’s”, leave work and then pep talk ourselves again to go to the gym, just so we can enjoy that tasty piece of leftover cheesecake that we’ve been day-dreaming about all day. We get home, succumb to ordering Skip The Dishes (only because we got an email prompting Free Delivery for tonight only, and it would be simply rude to let it expire), flop on the couch and continue binge watching our new favorite Netflix series (Emily in Paris, anyone?). We think - Ah, one day closer to the weekend and yes, I am counting.

This post is not about saying, quit your job, sleep in every day, order take-out and trust that everything will work out. Let’s be honest - if it was that easy we would ALL be doing (but in all seriousness, if anyone knows how this fairytale life can be made into reality - please email me ASAP). This post is about encouraging you to find the things that “fill your cup.” What is filling your cup, you might be asking. It is not all about pouring a boozy cocktail and buzzing your way through life. I know I make jokes, and classify myself as a mediocre cocktail connoisseur who loves to enjoy a beverage (or two) on the daily. By scientific terms or doctor math, I might drink a little more than those office “Karen’s” do, but in the big scheme of life - I find my happiness in life's simple pleasures.

This blog is titled "Fill Your Cup” because it is about finding the things, people, experiences and places that bring you complete happiness, peace and enjoyment. It is about pouring water, tea, coffee, Shirley Temple, Pepsi, bourbon, wine or vodka - and making the time to do the things that spark joy in our daily lives. Filling your cup can be binge watching Netflix, meditating, journaling, scrolling through Pinterest, working out, reading, listening to music or cooking. Filling your cup is not about anyone else, it is all about you. To fill your cup is to invest, love and care for yourself. We fill others cups so often, that I urge you to discover your authentic happiness.

For me, I love to listen to music, rap a song or two (for those that know me, we know about the Tricky Niki alter ego), have a kitchen dance party (glass of wine in hand) or listen to a Sarah’s Day podcast while in a cozy bath. It is the small amount of time that allows me to let loose and rediscover my goals, ambitions and what truly makes me happy. It is about discovering what brings true and unconditional joy. It is about not letting other people's opinions or thoughts distort what you like. You are you and that is your power.

COVID has all given us the time to reflect on what we truly enjoy in our everyday life, no matter how small. If you are stuck in a rut and don’t know what you like or feel lost and uninspired - that is OK. I was there a few months ago. Start by writing down five things that you enjoy doing or are grateful for. Five simple things - that’s it. That’s all. All that matters is that you take action and start. It is finally time to be the light in your own life. It is finally time to Fill Your Cup.

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